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By Meshack Yobby Theme song: ‘When You Believe’ by Mariah Carey feat marehemu Whitney Houston (you know, that ‘there can be miracles when you believe’ song) It is true that necessity is the mother of invention. After my recent gas debacle, I started thinking of all the crazy stuff I have been told -or done- … Continue reading

Thomas Mapfumo ponders on musical legacy in exile

By Gwinyai Dziwa in USA Times do change. Generations come and go. Even traditions are dynamic. One of the greatest cultural ambassadors of Zimbabwean traditions through his rich musical catalog shared his concern about the possible fading of traditional music that has existed for many years. Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo, a music legend living in exile … Continue reading

African Proverbs

Some of the numerous African Proverbs

The Four Brothers- Makorokoto (1988)

Originally posted on Burning Aquarium:
John Peel once described The Four Brothers as the best live band in the world, and chose one of their songs a one of his eight Desert Island Discs (UK readers will know what I mean)- quite an accolade from a man who had heard more records than most.The Four…

Things to do on Human Rights Day

Zelmarie Goosen | 20 March 2015 Human Rights Day is a day to celebrate equality and the sacrifices that were made so that South Africans of all race, culture and ethnicity can live together as one. It’s a public holiday, sure, and there are sure to be some great parties out there – but here are a … Continue reading

The Collaboration: A collection of short stories and poems by Awesome Authors: The second review

The Collaboration: A collection of short stories and poems by Awesome Authors Compiled by Thandiwe Nyamasvisva ISBN 978131684813 A Review by David Mungoshi Part 2: The Poetry Section In my first installment I dwelt on the short story section of the anthology and argued that with better editing the anthology could have been quite engaging … Continue reading

Must Read: Open Letter To Society From A Dark Skinned Girl

With the rising cases of bleaching, you can only ask yourself where the mentality that a certain skin colour is more superior than another came from. The pressure to ape the Western lifestyle has become so much to the extent that many young girls are opting to compromise their health just so that they can … Continue reading

Ladies, It’s All Your Fault He Is Cheating; Or Is It?

BY NJOKI CHEGE Why does a man cheat? Because he can? No, really, tell me, why would a good man, a God-fearing church going man who sings in the church choir cheat on his wife or girlfriend? Is it because he is a wicked piece of junk that has completely lost his moral compass or … Continue reading

Watch “Cote’d Ivoire Music – Moliere – La Vie est Belle …” on YouTube

Let’s take a trip to Cote’d D’Ivoire. Enjoy the music. Cote’d Ivoire Music – Moliere – La Vie est Belle …: http://youtu.be/NDsUZtXw7wE

Bindura Arts Festival in the dark

The three day 4th Edition of The Bindura Arts Festival was to have run under the theme “Celebrating the diversity and richness of Zimbabwean arts and culture” this last March. Citing financial challenges the organisers later shifted the festival to April. This date too was soon changed with an announcement that the festival was being … Continue reading

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