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Good old acts

took time to hateloving easilybook promo’ fatewriting daily speak out the muteshouting quitelylook south for foodthe craving hungry smoke some you shouldthese words art cigarshome streets are rudeteaching one kindness there now and inhaling itfriendly gas ton to the ozoneshare then with one mateanyone considered your own let someone promotegood old acts for a changelest … Continue reading


from the mother continentvictims overshadowedto the ones now troubledvulnerable globe at hand sour sorrow makessweet sense nowpast tears our gainrain from above follow that tweetdigital know howworst fears sweetbees to their hive mere words on a pagedivas angels on wingsan act afro mid stagewords lords of rings as i watch the children playwondering why we … Continue reading

Morning Glory

morning gloryink to a scrollparts one bodyready to roll feeling sorryhearts as hard as rocksfeeding manysouls dark light knocks making moneylazy bones online trickssensing worryhearing the silent speak lonely hypeempty the homeland streetsthe only typeafro poet on a touching spree local vibemerely ritual instinctswondering whyworthy the lyrical hints. © ISAAC RAMOSHIDI BOKABA isaaclion.bandcamp.com

I Am an African

To celebrate Africa month, here’s a speech by former President, Thabo Mbeki. “I Am an African” was a speech made by Thabo Mbeki on behalf of the African National Congress in Cape Town on 8 May 1996, on the occasion of the passing of the new Constitution of South Africa. At the time Mbeki was the vice president of South Africa under the presidency of Nelson … Continue reading


A poem by Isaac Bokaba full moon wishesno one to rideno longer horsesfor some not i shiver down spinesone too manymusic on phonesthe only remedy coupled with lovethe price is well seta cow for its calfa madam to a pet preoccupied thusfar on a nearby spotsolace our homeslife offers a whole lot a trial to … Continue reading

Ode for mother

The heavens favoured me Indeed, they did Found me a home inside a woman For nine months I stayed Not knowing any hunger or pain My birth was not easy, no Certainly no walk in the park Hours and hours she wailed Enduring untold pain and agony Just a baby I was, weak and frail … Continue reading


A poem by Isaac Bokaba content most times how the feeling feels intent into rhymes remedy without pills worries now and then raging fear couples doubt dummies due to them nearer truth a heart caged eyes a handy cam’ stories captured to share always knew i can dreams made me aware warmed up the frozen … Continue reading

Kings and queens

A poem by Isaac Bokaba kings and queens on growing sprees daily tempty ties incalculable risks peered pressure out to impress sex for pleasure or a little cash boys and girls the future we see the call endless for them to be stars and all else glooming below brightening it is the poetic flow hope … Continue reading

Come softly to me

A poem by David Mungoshi ©2015 Come softly to me sweet dewdropLike the rain after a prolonged lullLike sweet nothings from a whispering breeze Walk gently by my sideHold my hand like you’ll never let goLike one whose dream has come true Make life a perpetual walk in the parkMake it a song about never-ending … Continue reading

The End – a poem by Zizwe the Poet

On day my pen will stop bleeding,My hand will stop scribbling,The paper will be dry,A lot of people will cry,And I will be no more,Things will never be like before,Four corners of the soil will be ready to swallow my body,My soul will be from somebody to no body,It will be taking it destination,Leaving this … Continue reading

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