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Throwback Thursday

Do you remember this retro look? It looks funny now, but was very cool back in the day…. #tbt

Mr Gee: More than just a voice behind the mic

Story by Constance van Niekerk, Vereeniging This is a long overdue story on one of Vaal’s humble, kind and vibrant radio personalities, ‘Mr Gee’, George Lephoto. Mr Gee’s voice has filled our homes since 2014, the same year I was introduced to Lekoa FM by a friend who’s also a brother, Bona Sera.  Bona is … Continue reading

15 Zimbabwean love songs of all time

So, The BGs & BBs Club put together a list of what the members believe to be Zimbabwe’s 15 greatest love songs of all time. It is after all the month of love and love is in the air. Next week, they will prepare another list for us, especially for Valentine’s Day. Here is today’s … Continue reading

Tuku music: the legacy lives on

It’s sad when a person dies with his/her calling. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the music industry, acting or even religious circle, having someone carry on the legacy is very important and comforting to those left behind. Zimbabwe’s multi-talented songstress, actress and heiress to the Tuku Music legacy, Selmor Mtukudzi is surely keeping her … Continue reading

Afrique Beat’s 10 Gospel Tracks of 2019

We love music here on Afrique Beat, so it is fit to start the year in song… Enjoy our top 10 playlist playing right now, in no particular order. Dr Tumi – I Keep Winning Prince Okwu feat. Martin PK – Na You Ooh Pastor Roy – Mohau Hannah Mapepeta – New Things Are Being … Continue reading

Our end of 2019 party

It’s that time of the year, the season to be jolly! The festive spirit is infectious, it’s a joyous celebration with parties everywhere. The neighbourhood is one huge festival and we are also going to hop on the party train. We have invited a special guest DJ, Nhlanhla Zee Waka Ziqubu and we are going … Continue reading

Some Golden Oldies from the House of Stone (Part 1)

I grew up an international music lover. We were called ‘masalad’ back in the day! Then, the day I finished my ‘O’ levels, my brother Tonde (left) came to fetch me from school. He forced me to listen to Leonard Dembo’s tracks. I remember listening to Shamwari Yangu Warova with disdain. My word, I was … Continue reading

“My Hiding Days Are Over,” says Prince Okwu, The Ambassador

Na You Ooh “This album is a testimony of God’s grace! I waited patiently for Martin PK for 6yrs, since 2013 and God made it happen today I have done a powerful collaboration with him. That’s why I said, ‘Daddy Na You Oooh’. This is God’s time, by His grace.” Said Nigerian Gospel multi-award winning … Continue reading

Tributes To Tuku

Compiled by Editor Tuku Farewell Samanyanga: Tribute from Thomas Mukanya Mapfumo, close friend and fellow Zimbabwean musician. In Zimbabwe we say Wafa Wanaka. But this is a generic phrase normally used for one whose good works are hard to put together after he has gone. With Tuku, we say matipa matitorera. We were given and … Continue reading

Fare Thee Well Samanyanga

“Ndima ndasakura ndapedza” Constance van Niekerk, South Africa I can almost hear the husky voice booming from the heavens, “Pangu pese ndasakura ndazunza…” meaning I’ve done my part I’m finished. The elephant has fallen, Nzou Samanyanga is no more. Gifted Zimbabwean music icon, Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi, passed on today, 23rd January, at Avenues Clinic in … Continue reading

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