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I am an African

There’s a time when Africa was one. When we sang the same anthem. When we were so much in love with her beauty, Mama Africa. There’s a time when Africa Day was a big deal. A time when another person from another African nation was a brother, a sister, a mother, a father… There’s a … Continue reading

Letter to my first love

Hey… It’s me again. I guess I just can’t get over you. They say after all, a girl never forgets her first love. And they also say that a father is a daughter’s first love… So true. Tomorrow, the 6th of April marks 16 years since we laid you to rest. I can’t believe it’s … Continue reading

A review on Diaro

Vision boards have been a thing for a long time yet, yours truly has been ignoring until this year, I couldn’t ignore them anymore. Almost everyone, in every corner is talking of ‘writing the vision down’. So, I went ‘vision board hunting’ on Google Play Store. I found lots of them but they were just … Continue reading

Early birthday present

I might be under lockdown, which is not a bad thing because it’s for my own good, but it looks like it’s possible to receive presents after-all! Here is my first present, just arrived now from Anuj Agarwal, Founder of Feedspot. If you are a South African blogger and you would also like your blog … Continue reading

April fooling with covid-19 not a good idea!

Tomorrow is the first of April, also known as April Fools’ Day. In the past, people played all kinds of pranks and got away with it but, tomorrow, it is not advised to play pranks especially about coronavirus… DON’T even think about it. “Even Google — infamous for its numerous elaborate pranks that typically touch on nearly … Continue reading

Upclose and Personal with Mary Mutambalika

Mary is a 22-year-old young female entrepreneur and keynote speaker who strives for excellence in every area of her life. Mary is an aviation student and is currently studying towards obtaining her private pilot license. She is the co-founder of M&N detergents alongside her business partner Neliswe Majorobela. Together they produce household cleaning products with … Continue reading

Textbook wreaks havoc on social media

Article by Constance van Niekerk A Zimbabwean text book is trending on social media but, all for the wrong reasons. The book is wreaking havoc inciting a tribal war on social media. The book written by P. Mkwebu and J. Mataure is a text book for grade 3s and apparently contains a gross error as … Continue reading

‘Coronavirus’ trending

Coronavirus is trending on social media, not the outbreak itself, but the ZCC song! Watch the video on coronavirus that is trending on social media, ‘Coronavirus’.

How To Get Over Hurt And Pains

Article written by Precious Sogunro There’s one strong weapon used to eliminate a man, it’s the absence of joy and happiness replaced with the presence of pain and bitterness. This is so strong it evolves with time and becomes even much stronger and present in the life and daily basis of a person if not treated … Continue reading

Dear fellow blogger

This is just to say ‘thank you’ to those who take the time to like my posts, comment and reblog… I really appreciate your support. If I have not reciprocated, my apologies. Do email me on info.afriqueat@gmail.com so I can rectify it. However, there are those who I have liked and liked their posts, and … Continue reading

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