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South African museum fund-raising to keep doors open

South African museum, District Six is feeling the dire impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and is urgently seeking for funding to keep its doors open. Due to the restrictions on travel and the movement restrictions during lock down, the museum was not able to generate any income. District Six has re-opened to staff from the … Continue reading

Hopewell Chin’ono talks on his stay in jail

It’s really sad that such things are happening to journalists 40 years after independence. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves! Freedom of speech is a human right. Reports say that Chin’ono is not feeling well.

South African Community Radio Foundation to host a virtual Relief Fund Walkathon

There are thousands of volunteers in the community radio sector in South Africa. Some of these volunteers are unemployed yet they give their everything to community radio stations. At times, they have no food to eat at home or at work, no money to pay rent and only a few rands reserved for transport as … Continue reading

Zimbabwean writer appeals on behalf of cancer patient

AWARD-WINNING Zimbabwean fiction writer and poet Catherine Magodo Mutukwa who writes about women, is seeking help on behalf of one of the women she wrote about in one of her books. Mutukwa Magodo, a recipient of an IBHUKU Statuette in the African Literature Award has joined hands with well-wishers who created a WhatsApp group to raise … Continue reading

Kenyan single mother seeks help

“Sister, I have prayed for the past one week and fasted, at the same time doing every casual manual job I could find to avoid being locked out of the house due to rent arrears, but it happened this morning. The landlord won’t take anything less than the whole amount, it’s frustrating.” These were the … Continue reading

Virtual Memorial Service For Veteran Writer, David Mungoshi.

Written by a lover of Art A multitude of writers who were mentored by the late David Mungoshi will host a virtual memorial service for the revered writer on 26th September 2020. Mungoshi, an award-winning writer, poet, actor and academic, died on the 29th of August 2020 in Harare. In the new normal, it will be … Continue reading

Zimbabwe’s literary giant has fallen!

This is precisely what my brother’s life was all about. His pen, paper and the elite people around him!!!! His works will forever be cherished long after he’s gone.

Continue reading

‘Idols SA’ contestant’s song ‘Yoki Yoki’ goes international

Singing an original track on Idols has always been recorded as one of the worst decision for the show, but, 20-year-old Vhudi Mamphwe from Pretoria superseded the judge’s expectations with his own TshiVenda composition “My Yoki Yoki” song, that is still on top of the trend list even on today. The song received a positive … Continue reading

Send A Little Bit Of Love

Send A Little Bit Of Love is a single done by South African based artist, Francis Muleso. Francis had this to say about ‘Send A Little Bit Of Love’: 1. The idea to do the song came mainly to create awareness to people that covid 19 is here and we can only beat it if … Continue reading

On Age fluidity

In this new world, nothing surprises me anymore. These are indeed ever-changing times. Are we now giving excuses for evil, justifying things that are simply not normal behaviour? Should we turn a blind eye to pedophilia because of something called age fluid? Age fluid, my foot! Do we not have the power to put an … Continue reading

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