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Monday Motivation

It’s a beautiful morning! The start of another brand new week…. How the rest of the week goes, is all upto you. It’s Valentine’s Day on Friday, whether you are with someone or not, choose to be happy no matter what. Whether your partner celebrates Valentine’s Day or not, just choose to be happy. You … Continue reading

In the living years

I’ve just been thinking about how much people spend travelling for funerals and buying food, flowers and all that. It’s funny how most of these people have never helped the deceased while alive, but they don’t hesitate to spend on his/ her funeral. Well, this got me thinking… Why do we have to pretend we … Continue reading

5 Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t leave you broke

Valentine’s Day is like a second New Year, but for lovers 😅. It’s the perfect time for the married to rekindle the fire in their marriage. It would be great though if this special day was wery month! With the skyrocketing divorce rates, this might just be the intervention we need for marriages 😁. Many … Continue reading

Proudly old school!

Every picture tells a story and more often than not, it will not be the intended story. I stumbled upon the above picture on a friend’s Facebook Timeline. It’s great that everyone thought this was incredible artwork, unfortunately I beg to differ. I’m an art lover, believe me, I love all things creative, but, I … Continue reading

To kill or not to kill

A pleasant afternoon from South Africa. The weather is excruciatingly hot. But, I don’t know if I should be grateful or I should wish I was in the snow in England. Today I have a question for you. Are you using your tongue to give life or to kill? Proverbs 18: 21 Death and life … Continue reading

Monday Motivation

Thank God it’s Monday! Yeaaah…. 😁How you view is Monday entirely upto you. You can view Monday as an opportunity for new beginnings. A new week, a chance to try again, a chance to make the wrongs right and to start again. Every new week brings new hope, dreams and goals. What is Monday for … Continue reading

The secret to a happy and healthy marriage

Right from beginning, it was never about intimacy. Adam did not go to God and had a chat about how he needed a woman to satisfy his manly desires. It was never about sx. There comes a time when sx is not fun anymore, when there are other people involved in the marriage who also … Continue reading

When they ask for some space

Monday Motivation

Motivational Monday

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